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Then vs Now

Typical hearing aid from 1955 to 2000

  • A wire was worn from the box, all the way to the ear. They amplified all sounds at the same level.
  • The V/C was the only adjustment for the patient.
  • The system was large and bulky

Hearing Aids Now

  • Hearing aids nowadays are mini computers that are doing millions of calculations every .5 seconds!
  • These mini computers are programmed to your hearing loss wirelessly.
  • The hearing aids talk to each other wirelessy.
  • They can connect to your smartphones.
  • They can connect to manufactures remote controls, mini microphones, & TV streamers.

Todays hearing aids have 3 functions in 1:

  • They are mini-computers that handle processing, shaping, compressing, and filtering sound.
  • Wireless connnections for smart phones & manufacture accessories.
  • They are also a tinnitus generator.