Hearing Aids 101

Think you have a hearing loss?

Think you have a hearing loss?

Taking the Next Step!

Get your hearing tested! You may not even have a hearing loss, it could be as simple as ear wax!
Your Hearing Test Results will show the following:

  • If you have a Hearing Loss
  • Type of Hearing Loss
  • Severity of Hearing Loss
  • If a Medical Referral is needed
  • Word Recognition Scores
  • If you need Hearing Aids

Take a look at the hearing aids made by ReSound to learn more.

What type of hearing aids do I need?

Your hearing loss is as unique as your thumb print. There are many variables that factor into your personal needs to accurately for your hearing loss. At BHCC we take into considaration your:

  • Severity of hearing loss
  • Dexterity
  • Budget
  • Type of lifestyle
  • Hearing aid experience
  • Hearing Health History

We take into consideration your personal needs and spend the time to ask a lot of questions during your visit to find the best solution for you!